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Thanks so much for centering our coverage of our communities. Here in Cleveland we've reported a four-part series that was published in the Cleveland Observer. The site is owned by an African American and is an oasis in the news desert surrounding several of the city's African American neighborhoods. Our reporting team is integrated and we committed to using African American experts. Please read and share these stories.

Historical mistreatment, modern-day disparities make Black Americans less likely to trust COVID-19 care, vaccine: Part 1


Researchers turn to HIV/AIDS clinical trial network for help in building Black Clevelanders’ trust in COVID-19 studies: Part 2


Black physicians help build trust in clinical trials, medical care after decades of community skepticism, mistreatment: Part 3 https://www.theclevelandobserver.com/blog/2020/10/28/black-physicians-help-build-trust-in-clinical-trials-medical-care-after-decades-of-community-skepticism-mistreatment-part-3/

Cleveland efforts to recruit black, minority patients for COVID-19 vaccine trials an uphill battle: Part 4


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Great article in Wired. Thank you. You provide a much needed journalistic spotlight.

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Great article. I’ve shared with many. Thanks for your hard, good work!!

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Patrice, Just Thank you. This is an Amazing idea and I'm here because of that piece in WIRED. You are a journalistic hero. Save ALL OF THIS for black archives in the future. I'm a subscriber and a fan. Tell me where to send $. I want to support your efforts.

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